1. Make Working Out a Priority

Being skinny takes commitment. You can’t take the easy way out even if it means braving  10 below weather or a monsoon. Skinny people have mystical powers which allows them to over come obstacles that daunt the overweight.

An example of this is their ability to keep that appointment they made with themselves for a daily workout. Breaking this appointment is not taken lightly. And some actually feel so bad that they eat less or workout more the next day to make up for it!

Here in the land of the “physically aware” —  also known as Southern California — I see examples of this everyday.

Now, I know the songs states “it never rains in southern California”, but yeah every now and then it does. You would think that this would be a welcomed change. A guilt-free opportunity to take a break from an early morning or lunch time run.

NO! To the skinny, this is an opportunity to push themselves out of their comfort zone, to push it to the LIMIT!

Of course I have  an example.

Recently during one of the rare occasions when Southern Cal gets its share of the wet stuff, I watched a man running across a crosswalk. He was dressed in shorts and a tank top as if he was participating in the LA Marathon. My first haterish thought was, “That guy is crazy!” but later I concluded, “That guy has commitment”.

He has made a decision to take his health seriously and he isn’t going to let a little spring shower stop him. This guy was serious! I felt a little ashamed knowing I once stood in the rain for 2 hours at a Luther Vandross concert, but I won’t even leave my house in the rain to go to the gym!?!

Hopefully this blog will help me be committed to my goal by making me accountable to each of you.

The next time it rains or you’re tired after work, I challenge you to keep that date with a “heart pounding” workout!

Besides weather, what obstacles do you let keep you from working out?

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6 Responses to 1. Make Working Out a Priority

  1. Michael JB says:

    Happy hour ALWAYS gets in the way of me working out! Wine tasting too! I can’t get “nice” and then hit the gym. That would not be a good look. So I’ve been trying to work out and _then_ going to happy hour. That’s cool, right?

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  3. Margaret says:

    Rationalizing that I can workout tomorrow can keep me from working out. It’s easy to trivialize a workout and put it off when there’s a (usually lame) excuse. Recently, I’ve been working out with my brother and that’s been keeping me honest. I’m hoping to keep it going.

    So yeah, this blog’s well timed and I’m excited to read some of your reflections. Can’t wait to see some posts in the Millie Vanilli Cafe!

  4. Annalise says:

    I agree w/Michael, happy hour always gets me. But I’ve been choosing working out before it now and I feel better. Then I tend to not go at all which saves the calories. Unless it’s a Friday, which is usually my day off. I’ve found that if I schedule exercise, it’s easier for me to say no to happy hour because I have a commitment, whether it’s to me or with another person as well.

  5. Michael says:

    I’ll make an exception, though, if happy hour is right before a hip hop class. then its just like going dancing at a club!

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