7. Exercise on Holidays

Holidays are special days that most of us look forward to and at the same time take for granted.

We grind all the days prior saying “I can’t wait until the holiday!  I get days off!  I can sleep in!”.

On the other hand,  skinny people look at holidays as a time to get in MORE exercise!  Here are a few things they do while the rest of us are looking forward to eating turkey and then falling asleep to football:

  1. They check the schedules at their gyms for the holiday hours.  Huh?
  2. They plan exercise into what is likely a busy holiday schedule.  Let’s see: shopping, cooking, drinking, eating, sleeping…my holiday schedules usually don’t have room for exercise!
  3. They get up early and even PAY to participate in organized fitness activities.  Double “huh!?”.

Recently, Nicole and I, along with  some friends of Skinny People Do, took a shot at taking our holiday fitness to the next level.  We got up bright and early on Thanksgiving morning to run in the 3 mile Torrance Turkey Trot.

Here’s a video of us along with the other turkeys running around South Torrance.  Hope you enjoy it!

When the next holiday comes along,  what exercise routine or fitness activity will you be planning!?

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4 Responses to 7. Exercise on Holidays

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  2. Chrystal says:

    I worked out everyday when I was in Atlanta for Thanksgiving! I also ate whatever I wanted. It was a nice trade off.

  3. candace best says:

    This post is so true! My skinny friend is always running on holidays. I don’t know what I’m going to do for Christmas but I plan to start the new year off right with a 5k on New Year’s Day instead of drinking, eating, and over sleeping.

    • Nicole says:

      Thanks for the response Candace. I am actually trying to figure out what race I am going to do for the Super Bowls! I am feeling kind of lazy so I might just do a 10K.

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