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10. Avoid Weight Loss Hazards

Encouragement to consume high calorie goodies is all around us.  We’re presented with commercials on TV,  radio, billboards on the streets, and more.  Oh, and don’t forget, all the websites dedicated to good eatin’! 😉 For Skinny People and the … Continue reading

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Daily Progress Report 2/2

Okay so Day 2 wasn’t the best. I reached my goal for calories burned, thanks to my power walk during lunch. Michael and I are going to Weight Watchers today so I know I will start to improve soon! Wednesday, … Continue reading

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KID APPROVED! Lime Garlic Shrimp – 2 pts

As I adopted the “Skinny People Do” approach to my cooking, I noticed my daughter’s increased lack of interest in eating vegetables. The problem was two fold. First, she was born in the “South” and spends every summer there. Now, … Continue reading

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6. Are Life Long Jocks

When I reflect on the slimmer days of my life and compare my lifestyle today versus then, it quickly becomes obvious why I have gained so much weight. When I focus on comparing my level of activity, eating habits, and … Continue reading

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