Why skinnypeopledo.com?

Hello my name is Nicole and I am a (self-diagnosed) “fat-a-holic”.

My addiction started 8 years ago after the birth of my daughter. Sine then, I have lost as much as 30 lbs only to yo-yo back up to my maximum weight of 200lbs.  Although my initial weight gain was due to baby weight, I can’t blame the midnight cravings of pregnancy for my continued “on-again-off-again” diet cycling almost a decade later.

But what can I blame it on?

Last year I started going to a new physician. During my physical, we reviewed my family medical history.  Observing my current condition, she recommended that I see a nutritionist!

Given that I had long accepted the fact that I  was overweight, I was not surprised by the referral and was actually excited about the possibility of finally losing and keeping off my excess weight. I went to the appointment with the nutritionist enthusiastically. But at some point in my session, I began to realize that she wasn’t telling me anything  that I didn’t already know. My mind began to wander.

So what made her stick to these healthy guidelines she was laying out for me?

Why was she different?

It wasn’t until she baffled me with the news that she had a 4 month old son that I suddenly realized that there has to be something more to keeping excess weight off.

That day I found a new hobby: the study of skinny people.

I’m using this site to document my weight loss journey and record my observations of the behavior of skinny people.

Please join me while I attempt to assimilate into this unfamiliar culture which has eluded the overweight for decades. Along the way I’ll be revealing the things Skinny People Do.


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