18. Make Eating Organic Easy with Farm Fresh to You

Work, exercise, social events; While I love my trips to the farmer’s market, who has time?

Box of Organic Veggies

Amarosa fingerling potatoes, mandarin, eureka lemon, gala apple, broccoli, kale, red leaf lettuce, carrots, butter lettuce, red radishes

Last week I decided to join a CSA called Farm Fresh to You.  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, a program where community members support a local farm by signing up to buy produce directly from that farm on a regular basis.

Farm Fresh to You, delivers organic produce to your home or office. Signing up was simple and my delivery came three days later. I am not sure at what time, but when I opened the door on Wednesday morning there was a basket of fresh fruit and veggies sitting on my front porch.


I am new to the world of organic produce but I can say right away my daughter noticed the difference in the shape of the carrot. She said they looked “real” and I noticed a difference in the taste that evening in my salad chopped full of veggies from the box.

The best part about the service for me is that it takes all the guess work out of picking the best quality produce for my family.  I have decided to get a box every 3 weeks, for now.  The “top chef” in me is loving the challenge of finding healthy recipes for the unfamiliar items.

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