Product Review: Jamba Juice Frozen All Natural Smoothie Mix – Mango-a-go-go

Recently I started making protein shakes for my whole family for breakfast.  After conquering the spinach smoothie I began seeking recipes and advice from other smoothie connoisseurs. One of my colleagues told me that she used prepackaged frozen smoothie mix from the freezer section.  Optimistically I decided to give a pre-package smooth a try.

I purchased Mango-a-go-go frozen smoothie mix from the Jamba Juice product line. The directions were simple enough, just add apple juice. To cut down on the sugar I used Mott’s for tots 40% less sugar apple juice.  I also added in whey vanilla protein powder since the mix only contained 1 gram of protein.

Mott's for tots 40% Less Sugar Apple Juice

The kids loved the taste! The adults were not impressed by the after taste left by the sweetener, steviol glycosides, used in the mix or by the lack of nutrients the smoothie provided.

 I would recommend this smoothie as a treat for kids as long as you use a low sugar apple juice!

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