12. Water Down Their Drinks

I am sure that your favorite mixologist would scoff at this idea, but a skinny person wouldn’t.

Recently, Michael and I were at our favorite Thai spot; splitting a plate of chicken pad Thai noodles (future post alert) when I observed the skinny lady at the next table watering down her Thai ice tea!

Initially I was baffled.  But after I calmed down and gave it some thought, it all made perfect sense.

The same concept had been introduced to me at a Weight Watchers meeting several months earlier.  The calorie-intake-savvy folks at Weight Watchers wanted us to dilute wine with club soda to cut down on points during cocktail parties or happy hours.

But don’t think watering down as to be all H-2-O!  The Arnold Palmer, for example, is the delight of skinny people from coast to coast.  They take lemonade and then “water it down” with unsweetened iced tea.  Genious!

Wake up, oh weight-challenged-empty-calorie-drinker!   Water down your drinks!  If skinny people do it, it has to be right! Right? Give it a try and let me know what you think.

 What beverages have you watered down?  Did you enjoy it just as much as full strength?  Let us know in the comments below!

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2 Responses to 12. Water Down Their Drinks

  1. YES! This is what I do with juice because I typically don’t drink much more than water and almond milk. (Oh, and wine and beer, but let’s not talk about that right now.) A little water can decrease all the sugar, which is perfect. Sparkling water is my fave for that!

  2. I love watering down my drinks and i’m not skinny. :) But typically most drinks are too sweet. half water and half drink solves that problem for me. :) good post… I like it.

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