Want to lose wieght? There’s an App for that!

iphone vs htc

New Year’s Resolution shot to hell? That’s okay.  You can still regroup and reach your weight loss goals.

So half the year has passed and you are not at your half way point? Want to stop letting the gym take your hard earned money each month without you so much as driving by?

Right now is the perfect time to refocus and recommit! And the key to this may lie in your pocket.  No, I am not talking about the gym membership card on your key chain; I am talking about your smart phone!

Whether you prefer an Apple or an Android device “there’s an app for that”.

Here are just a few of the most popular applications I found that are geared toward helping you get back in — and stay in — shape.

Application Device Description Price
Lose It! iphone
ipod touch
Helps you to creat a diet plan Free
CardioTrainer + Racing
Andriod Uses your phone’s GPS to map where you’ve been and it also has a pedometer to record your progress is case you lose your GPS signal. $2.99
iMapMyRUN+ Running
Apple Products
Android Phones
A free app for tracking your runs and other fitness activities. Free 


Daily Burn iphone
ipod touch
Helps you manage your diet and exercise Free
Calorie Counter by FatSecret Andriod Keeps track of calories and other nutrition facts.
This application also figures the recommended daily intake for a user to achieve his or her fitness and weight goals, and has a built-in barcode scanner to make finding foods a snap!
Allsport GPS Andriod
AllSport GPS allows users to track routes, distance, time, speed and calories burned. Users get maps, virtual races, downloadable routes, elevation and speed graphs. The app also lets you share workouts online, including on Facebook.
Beet Gut Fitness Andriod If you’re worried about your intake of empty calories from all those frosty beers
and caipirinhas you plan to drink this spring and summer, this might be the app for you. It tells you when you’re safe to have a drink — calorically speaking — and when you need to exercise.
Calorie Tracker iphone
ipod touch
Tracks your daily calories and excerise $2.99


Have you used technology to help you reach your fitness goal?  Leave a comment to let us know what apps have worked for you.


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