11. Exercise with Their Sweetie

Today is Valentine’s Day!  If you’re like many Americans, you’re looking forward to spending time with your significant other, maybe having some wine with dinner and dessert, and then heading home for a night cap.

What about going for a run or hitting the gym together too!?

Along with the healthy benefits of working out – more energy and stamina, washboard abs, and a derrière worth smacking – working out as a couple could also make your relationship stronger.

There are plenty of reports* on how exercising with your loved one can improve your relationship.

Backing up the theories and research, Nicole and I took some time today to get in a work out together.

It was fun chatting on the treadmill, sweating together in a cardio class, and then splitting a healthy meal afterward.

It was also nice to see other couples working out together.  We even saw Boris and Nicole Kodjoe spotting each other on the free weights!  Not only were they getting some quality time in, they were prepping each other for their next magazine cover photo shoot! 😀

Boris and Nicole Kodjoe on the cover of Ebony.

OK, maybe you aren’t prepping for a photo on a magazine cover, but just think about it.  What if someone asked for you and your S.O. to be on a cover and YOU were the only one working out.  Would you accept the invitation with confidence or would you start searching on Rent-A-Model.com?

If exercising with your sweetie is tough, you might have to step to them like Vidal Sassoon and tell them “If you don’t look good, WE don’t look good!”

Looks aside, what matters is being healthy for yourself and your relationship.  If you love yourself enough to drag your ass to the gym, next time, why not love your sweetie enough to drag their ass along too?

As you’re thinking of ways to show your sweetie that you love them, ask them to join you in your workout! What fitness routines work for you and your loved ones?  What do you do to encourage them to work out with you?

* Here are a few articles on relationships and exercise

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