10. Avoid Weight Loss Hazards

Encouragement to consume high calorie goodies is all around us.  We’re presented with commercials on TV,  radio, billboards on the streets, and more.  Oh, and don’t forget, all the websites dedicated to good eatin’! 😉

For Skinny People and the rest of us, these traps could be easy to avoid.

We can change the channel;  We can look past a billboard;  We can choose to NOT click on a picture of a huge bacon cheese burger that links to an article describing the latest restaurant week or trends in food trucks.

Yeah, I personally struggle with that last one.

However, looking past these temptations is easy because they’re not there.  I mean, the temptation is there but  the root of it is not physically present.

That is, the bacon cheese burger is not in our faces, dripping with ketchup and spicy mustard, steaming hot with a plume of aroma that picks us up and draws us in close enough to take a bite.

The hardest traps, though, are the ones that are right in front of us.

Here we are, walking this path trying to “get it right get it tight” and all of a sudden we hit a landmine: donuts in the break room!

TGI...FAT? Donuts in the break room.

Yes, weight loss hazards in the office are some of the hardest to get around.  It could be coffee and donuts in the morning, Betty’s home made cookies around lunch time, or Ed’s retirement cake in the afternoon.  And where I work, it seems like its ALWAYS someone’s birthday or last day of work.  Yikes!

Today I took tactical control of the situation and dodged the donut land mine.  It felt pretty good saying “no thanks” and enjoying my oatmeal instead.

What weight loss hazards do you face regularly?  How do you get past them!?  Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Tanika says:

    Doggone holiday parties!

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