8. Excerise for Free!

A tight wallet shouldn’t leave you with a loose butt!

So you’ve made your resolutions to lose 20 lbs by summer. You have a plan: Join the gym, eat better, and drink more water.

You’re all set, right? Wrong.

After a quick review of your check book balance you remember your pockets have yet to recover from your holiday spending. And even with the administration fees waived and no long term contract to sign, a gym membership is out of your financial reach.

Don’t worry. I have a solution and it’s absolutely free!

Yes, for free you can enjoy kickboxing, yoga, and Pilates at home! How? With just one trip to your local library, you and Billy Blanks can burn mega calories without you spending any cash.

Added bonus! You don’t have to find a matching outfit or worry about all the skinny people at the gym judging your “downward facing dog”!

Have you found other ways to cut costs while funding your excercise routine?  What are some ways you’ve gotten fit for free?

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