Seven Percent Challenge Check-In: From Bad to Worse

Hey, folks!  Its Michael from South Bay Foodies.  Time for another 7% Challenge Check In!  If  you missed the last one, I’ll let you know that Nicole — the brains behind What Skinny People Do — and I are in a challenge with some friends to lose 7% of our body weight over a period of time.

Our first weigh in was last week and MAN, things have gone from bad to worse.  Well, for me they have.

The rest of the crew have either lost weight (yay team!) or maintained their weight.  Me? I’m 4 pounds heavier than when we started!

I started with the best of intentions and a plan to be a contender in this race to skim the fat off my thighs and waistline.  Turns out I’ve been sitting on the sideline! What went wrong!?  Here’s a few thoughts:

  1. I’ve been eating like a mad man.  Just a couple weeks ago I went out to food-focused events every night of the week!  WTF?  I’m happy though.  Maybe all the lard I’m consuming is lifting my spirits…and making my ass sag at the same time!
  2. My exercise has been inversely proportional to my food intake.  You’d think I would exercise more if I was grubbing more, right? Nope.
  3. I stopped thinking about the competition as MY competition.  When it came time to weight in, I felt more like a spectator than a participant.  I realized that I had mentally put myself out of the competition.

As we move into the next round, I’m worse off than we we started.  That means I need to work even harder than I had planned to work before.

But now I’m wondering, “If I stick to my plan, can I be a contender!?”

Have you ever started to lose weight and then became OK with our body when you didn’t see a change?  How did you snap out of it?

When you got off track from your weight loss goals, how did you get back in line?

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