Seven Percent Challenge Check-In: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Hey, folks!  It’s Michael from South Bay Foodies stopping by Skinny People Do to give you my first update on the Seven Percent Challenge.

In case you haven’t heard, Nicole — the Ace of Skinny People Do — and I have challenged ourselves and a couple of our friends in a race to safely lose seven percent of our body weight. Wow!

The downside:  that’s a significant amount of weight to lose.  The upside: we each put in $50 and the winner takes the pot!  Depending on where you stand, you could swap the downside and upside points and they would both still make sense. 😀

Whatever the case, I’m in it to win it.  Let’s talk!  Here’s my look at the  “Good, Bad, and Ugly” of this Seven Percent Challenge.

The Good

I’m motivated to take it all, baby!  I’m waking up energized, eager to hit the gym, and getting sweat-inducing-heart-pumping work-outs in as often as I can.  Exercise-wise I’m working the stair master and swimming (which just might be my secret weapon…ask my challengers!).  Diet-wise, I’m trying…TRYING…to eat better and drinking green tea during the day to keep my metabolism up.  Hopefully everything will add up to 7% off my bottom line!

The Bad

I write about food.  What can I do!?  I’m chasing food trucks all over LA, checking out happy hours, and reviewing menus at restaurants that just opened.  Its a tough life but someone has to do it!  Unfortunately, all of that truck-chasing, happy-hour-ing, and menu-reviewing doesn’t set me up for weight loss.  To top it all off, I’ve got some choice festivals and restaurant reviews coming up.  Maybe I should start doing gym and personal trainer reviews!?

The Ugly

Competition brings out the ugly in people, I swear!  Please know that I’m joking when I say this but…seriously…my challengers are getting down right dirty to improve their chances of winning the pot!  I know it would be different if we were on a team but as indivduals, we are all keeping our eyes on the prize.  Which means a lot of smack talk.  Just today when I mentioned I might save some of my lunch for a later meal I was challenged with “No, no.  Go ahead and eat it all now.  And then have a nice dinner!”. 😀

I’ll be back soon to give you a report on how things are going.   In the mean time, leave a motivating comment for me, Nicole, and our challengers.  If you only want to leave one for me, that’s ok too!

Photo credit Thorne Enterprises.

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5 Responses to Seven Percent Challenge Check-In: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

  1. Annalise says:

    I guess my cookies didn’t help either of you the other day? good luck to both of you….if you want to run with me, let’s go!

  2. Casey says:

    lol, the cookies were the first thing I thought of.
    I guess I won’t be seeing you all at the trucks for awhile unless you skip the wings and go straight for the pudding! :) Good luck!

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