My 1st Month with Weight Watchers

I have not been as focused this month as I should have been. But I will not make excuses. I will just focus harder on making the program work for me. Lets go June!

What I’ve learned this month:

I now know what it is going to take to lose weight. I realize that my main hurdles are refraining from emotional eating and lowering my alcohol consumption. Also I need to increase the number of servings of fruits and vegetables I consume each day.

What I need to improve:

Before I started Weight Watchers, I thought that I drank enough water. Now I realize that I need to increase my water intake even more!  In addition to that, I need to be more mindful of my eating habits on the weekends.

On a postive note:

But I did lose 4.2lbs this month. I really didn’t have a goal but I thought I would have lost closer to 8 lbs.

Have you had a “eureka!” moment about losing weight or staying fit? Leave a comment and tell us about it!

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5 Responses to My 1st Month with Weight Watchers

  1. Michael says:

    4.2 lbs!? Great job! 😀

  2. Chrystal says:

    Congrats! A loss is a loss is a loss. Hope you have a goal set for July. Eureka moment…variety of workouts. You don’t need a gym! You just have to be active often and in new ways. :)

  3. Tiffany JahJah's Mommy says:

    i did weight watchers and i had much success but i fell off the wagon and have gained half of the weight back. I am back to grinding it out which is watching what i eat and working out hard. congrats cole and good luck

  4. Yum Yucky says:

    Well, 4.2 pounds sounds excellent to me! My eureka moment involved getting rid of processed foods. A switch to clean eating made such a big difference.

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