6. Are Life Long Jocks

When I reflect on the slimmer days of my life and compare my lifestyle today versus then, it quickly becomes obvious why I have gained so much weight. When I focus on comparing my level of activity, eating habits, and alcohol consumption, it quickly becomes apparent how important staying active is to my waist line.

Once I decided to be more active, I began exercising with 4sw (see previous blog). One of the first observations of the group was while some of the members were “more seasoned” in age, they were in better physical shape than me! This is when I made observation number 6: “Skinny people are life long jocks”

Skinny people don’t stop doing the physical activities that they loved when they were younger just because their life changed. They keep their passion for the game and consequently their waist lines.

So what is my excuse?

Instinctively, my answer would be “life”. But I have realized that I need to get past making excuses for not taking care of my body.

How am I changing my lifestyle?

During my slimmer life I use to enjoy basketball and track. So recently this year I joined a women’s basketball league and started training for the Disney ½ Marathon. I will let you know how this works for me. But I am sure that it is a step towards being a healthier me. Stay tuned for change!

Think back to your slimmer days, what sport or activity were you involved in?  Have you participated in it lately?



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4 Responses to 6. Are Life Long Jocks

  1. Hi Soror! I saw your comment recently on my blog and had to stop by! I love the concept of your posts … and the blog’s title, lol.

    On subject, I was a thick teen, but I stayed active – tennis and drill team were my thing … as soon as a I graduated HS, ventured off to college and did nothing but embrace freedom and eat … the pounds started rolling in. The extent of a workout/sport, was walking to and from class. I picked up my tennis racket again last year, and it was the best feeling ever!

    Best wishes to you in your training for the half!

    • Nicole says:

      Thanks for stopping by Soror. I love your site, maybe if I posted what I was eating it would help keep me honest lol!

  2. Michael says:

    I played soccer in my six-pack ab days. I could have been in the World Cup! 😀

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