Los Angeles Revlon 5k Run/Walk

On May 8th Michael, Malika, and I along with a few other friends participated in the Los Angeles Relvon 5K Run/Walk for a cure.

I was thrilled about getting the chance to work out and help raise money for such a deserving cause! Although I have lost loved ones to cancer– my paternal great grandfather and grandfather both died from the disease — until the morning of the race I had never stepped outside of my bubble to think about how many other people experience the same loss. Seeing all the other supporters there made me realize how much of an equal opportunity disease cancer really is and how many lives it has affected.

I felt like one of the 300 united against a common threat! Some people ran to celebrate winning their battle against the disease while others ran in memory of loved ones who lost their life to cancer. No matter what our motives were for participating, we were all there to make sure humanity wins this war!

If you could eliminate one disease what would it be?  Are you supporting a cause or organization that is fighting to find cures?  Tell us about it!

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3 Responses to Los Angeles Revlon 5k Run/Walk

  1. Michael says:

    I had a great time at this event! Izt was bittersweet though. On the up side: seeing so many people, organizations, and business supporting the efforts to combat cancer. The down side: knowing that soooo many people are affected by this disease.

    If I could eliminate a disease, I would eliminate addiction. Is that a disease? Seems like so many other problems could be prevented if we learned how to control or mitigate our addictions to subtances that are bad for our health.

  2. Elisa K. says:

    This was really cool! I am so proud of you!

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