3. Drink Water

I grew up on sugar. Yes I mean “on sugar” since these days eating sugar has become as taboo as smoking cigarettes.

During my childhood, the kool-aid man was an icon in my parent’s house. Don’t judge! You don’t know him like I do.  LOL!  I can remember collecting kool-aid points and redeeming them for prizes.

On special occasions — Sundays and holidays — my siblings and I were allowed to drink sweet tea with our meals. On any given evening, you could find at least one 5 lb bag of sugar in the pantry.

Water was more of a last resort. Even during my athletic days, I relied on sport drinks to quench my thirst.

So you can understand my bewilderment over the discovery that skinny people drink water in mass amounts and love it! I couldn’t believe that they enjoy water so much that they buy bottles of it by the dozen.  Not only that, some people — for reasons that still elude me — invest in devices made for carrying insanely large amounts of it everywhere they go.

The skinny even order water with their meals. It really is their beverage of choice! I’m not going to delve into the different types of bottled water, filtering processes, or whether glacier water is better than Fugi.

But I will say that skinny people drink water so it must be right!

How much water should I drink?

Some doctors recommend the 8×8 rule. That is, drink an 8 ounce serving of water 8 times a day. you drink 8 or 9 cups of water a day.  Of course, everyone has a different need based on their health and how active they are.  Fortunately, there are calculators to help find the optimal water intake!

How do I know if I am drinking enough?

You shouldn’t feel thirsty during the day and your urine should be slightly yellow or colorless.

How many ounces of water do you drink a day?

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6 Responses to 3. Drink Water

  1. Margaret says:

    There’s also the guideline of 1/2oz per lb of body weight–someone weighing 150lbs would drink 9-10 8oz cups daily. It’s really easy for me to get my water in if I keep a water bottle at my desk or with me, then it’s something I do out of habit. But if I don’t, then it’s just as easy not to drink. I like to drink a glass of water before a meal, then another glass with the meal.

    At my house (and I think other Filipino households), it was all about Tang (the OG stuff with real sugar) and Hawaiian Punch concentrate–had to be able to adjust how sweet we wanted it. *smh* But then again, we’d race/skate/cartwheel all the calories off, haha…

    • Michael JB says:

      TANG! Ha! I grew up on that too! When I was a kid we would free-base Country Time Lemonade; we would skip the water altogether and just take it to the head!

      These day I’m on green tea and Coke Zero, at least a can or two a day…..does that count!?

      • Nicole says:

        No Michael….it doesn’t! I don’t know, at weight watchers they say it does. But they also say that diet sodas make you want carbs.

  2. Martha says:

    I remember Five Alive and the Gallon Punch (Green, Orange, etc,)

    What helped us out was my mom baked a lot of the food we ate. Plus she was an aerobic instructor.

    She has passed down a few secrets. I do not remember any really large meals except for the holidays.

    I do find it difficult to keep up my water intake as an adult. At one time, I started keeping lemon juice to add to a glass. I hope that counts.

  3. Lea says:

    I love water. I always have. I guess I got into it because when I was younger, I was too lazy to walk all the way downstairs to refill my cup with kool-aid at night, so I just started getting water from the bathroom sink. I never understand why people hate water. I love it. I always order it with my meals. (Too bad it hasn’t kept me skinny LOL!).

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