2. Run Marathons

The ultimate test of endurance for a skinny person is to complete a marathon. This can only be surpassed by completing a triathlon, duathlon, or some other form of multi-sport foolishness endurance race. I have been told that at first, most have a love/hate relationship with the sport. But in the end they actually crave it!

Now, I am not saying that you have to go so far as to run a marathon.  But I will say…

Skinny people run! I am currently trying it and look forward to letting you know how it goes. I truly believe that you can run being overweight out of your system. How? Well the key to this is to run on purpose, run at a good pace, run for a considerable amount of time, and run often.

I know what you’re thinking. No, running to the mailbox or from your neighbor’s crazy dog isn’t going to cut it.  Ladies, unfortunately that stroll with your girl friends around the park while you spill the latest gossip isn’t going to help shed major pounds either.

You have to get out there and RUN!

What’s a good pace? Well according to my research (link?) a 14 to 7 minute mile pace will do the trick. I know that seems like lighting speed to the recovering couch potato but YOU CAN DO IT!

How far should you run? Start with 1 mile and work your way up. Nobody is saying you have to run a marathon but you should push yourself to stay on pace and to be consistent. Take walk breaks if you must.

Also, you should make sure that you have proper running shoes. I wouldn’t want you to injure yourself. In southern California we have places like Top to Top and Roadrunner Sports that analyze your stride and feet before recommending a running shoe. Look for places like this in your area and GET RUNNING!

Have you started running? Are you training for a race? Already ran one? Tell us about it!

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5 Responses to 2. Run Marathons

  1. Annalise says:

    I have to say that I have been craving it and I’ve only been running for about 3 weeks now! My challenge now is that i have shin splints, so I’m trying to get some better shoes and prevent those from getting worse. But I agree, this is a great workout!

    • Nicole says:

      Oh wow, I had the same problem when I started running. I went to Roadrunner sports and got some new shoes and took a week off from running. I haven’t had a problem since. You are welcome to join us in August for the Disney 1/2 marathon.

  2. Michael JB says:

    Run? 26.22 miles!? You have GOT to be kidding me. I’ll run when someone is chasing me! Does that count?

  3. Martha says:

    Life… seems to be the distraction of choice… I am active… Walking the dog, going to baseball games, but each time I start a regimneted workout…I stop after about 6 months… take 3 months off, then I am remotivated

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